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Meet The Band

"Hey Jude...The Tribute" is John Lennon impersonator Tom Lennon Raider, Paul McCartney Impersonator Brad "Paul"Jarvis, Drummer Don “Ringo” Ackerman and Guitarist/Vocalist Rick Bedrosian as George Harrison (also Keyboardist Rich Coogan). This top flight, four/five piece rock and roll band plays high quality, exciting renditions of songs written or performed by The Beatles spanning their entire decade together.
All songs are performed with the precision of the studio matched with the energy of the live environment to give the audience the best of both worlds.  Shows feature authentic costumes and instruments.

All dialogue in the show is designed to engage the audience which is encouraged to sing along, clap along and join in on hitting all the high notes. The music takes the audience on an enjoyable and energetic Musical Mystery Tour touching on hit songs and album tracks alike pleasing Beatle fans of all tastes. 

"Hey Jude...The Tribute" covers all the bases including early era Beatles pop favorites such as "Love Me Do", I'll Get You" "She Loves You", "Do You Want To Know A Secret","I Want To Hold Your Hand", "All My Loving", "From Me To You", "Twist & Shout", "I Saw Her Standing There", "This Boy", "Please Please Me", “A Hard Day’s Night”, "Can't Buy Me Love", "I Should Have Known Better", "If I Fell", "You Can't Do That", "I'm Happy Just To Dance With You", “I Feel Fine” and “Ticket To Ride”, "Can't Buy Me Love", "Eight Days A Week", "I'll Be Back", "The Night Before", "Yesterday", "Help!","You're going To Lose That Girl", "She's A Woman", "Day Tripper", "I Need You" along with Rubber Soul gems such as “In My Life” and “Norwegian Wood”. The Psychedelic era is represented by such Beatle classics as “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds”and "Yellow Submarine“. Fans of the later years will enjoy the driving rock and roll of “Revolution”, "Ob La Di-Ob La Da",  “Come Together”,  and more.  Performances also include Lennon’s solo crowning jewel, “Imagine” and of course, "Hey Jude".

"Hey Jude...The Tribute" is the look, the sound and the excitement of The Beatles and the music that became the soundtrack for a whole generation.



Costumes for shows with "Hey Jude...The Tribute" and/or Imagining Lennon and McCartney may include:

The Early Years -    The “Ed Sullivan Show” suits (Black jacket, pants & tie w/white shirt
                                    Black Turtleneck shirt/black pants.
                                    Grey suits as worn by the Beatles in "A Hard Day's Night".
                                    Shea Stadium Jackets, Black T-shirts, Black trousers as worn by The Beatles during their historic performance at Shea Stadium
The Psychedelic Years -  The very colorful Sgt. Pepper suit complete with accurate patches and medals!

The Later Years -  White Album, Abbey Road and Let It Be era costumes include the denim jacket and beige T-shirt worn for the photos for the White Album. The white “crosswalk” suit worn for the cover of  Abbey Road. The famous New York City shirt and blue jeans. Also on hand is the purple T-shirt , black jeans and black vest as seen in the Let It Be film.  
Any costume worn with short hair is a wig, the long strands of the later years are the real deal. The glasses are the real thing as well (antique “Windsor” model) with full prescription.